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Does Your Advisor Have A Formula For Wealth Management

A true wealth manager effectively delivers in all three key areas below in a measurable way. Our process is collaborative- we work together in an effort to accomplish goals and hold each other accountable. Whether it is a business exit strategy, formation of a trust, advanced retirement plan, etc. We have a means, process and work closely with a team of experienced professionals to help keep us on track and moving toward the goal of completion.

Clients of Talbot Financial benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management. Our goal is to work with a select group of successful clients where we have a significant impact in their lives. This “significant impact” comes from a collaborative approach with our clients and using a highly consultative method constructing integrated, personalized planning strategies. We break down our process into a formula for Wealth Management. 

  • (WM) Wealth Management

    We believe planning and sound decision making are imperative for financial independence. Throughout our Wealth Management Consultative Process, we employ a comprehensive series of steps to determine where you are financially, where you want to go and what gaps must be filled in order to achieve financial independence for your family.
    We function as your personal financial coach, someone who helps you think through your challenges while working with you collaboratively to determine and implement optimal solutions.

  • (IC) Investment Consulting

    Investment Consulting is the core component of our proprietary Wealth Management Process and the facet with which you are probably most familiar. This deals with the number one concern that our successful clients have. They want to make smart decisions with their money. Ours is focused on Wealth Preservation. We want to keep the money that you have worked hard to earn. We take a carefully structured, diversified and disciplined approach to portfolio management, with the ultimate goal of  balancing your family's needs and goals with a suitable level of risk. Our process consists of the following: Performance analysis, Risk evaluation, Asset allocation, Assessment of impact of costs, Assessment of impact of taxes, Investment policy statement.

  • (APAdvanced Planning

    Our Advanced Planning component comprises four additional steps, which make up our formula.

    (WE) Wealth Enhancement – Tax Mitigation and cash-flow planning

    (WT) Wealth Transfer – Transferring wealth effectively within your family or otherwise

    (WP) Wealth Protection - Ensuring your assets aren’t unjustly taken

    (CG) Charitable Giving - Maximizing charitable giving and planning

    Few advisors use advanced planning, but it is one of the most distinguishing features of our Wealth Management Process. This is where we go the extra mile. During the Discovery Meeting phase, we identify your complex financial issues, many of which you never realized existed, by asking the right questions. Next, we work with a team of professional advisors (i.e., attorneys, tax advisors) to help execute the plan and simplify your life. You can gain the confidence to make sound, long-term decisions in your family's best interest.

  • (RMRelationship Management

    (CRM) Client Relationship Management: We intentionally work with a small group of select clients. This enables us to understand our clients’ critical needs. We work closely in collaboration to meet those needs over time through a consultative process.

    (PNRM) Professional Relationship Management: This is where our role of Personal CFO begins to have a significant impact on your overall financial picture. Our clients need and want this, but often lack the time and expertise to effectively manage and coordinate an expert team of professionals. We assemble and manage a network of professionals with a high level of knowledge and skill in the financial area. In addition, we position ourselves to work effectively with our clients’ current professional advisors.

As your family's needs evolve, new challenges emerge that may not be easy to overcome alone. As your personal financial coach, we identify pitfalls that may affect you. We then consult other members of your professional team who can provide advice in a variety of specialties, which include estate planning, insurance and business planning. Together we discuss your situation and tailor recommendations to work toward your specific needs. You can implement our recommendations through your own  personal team or work directly with our professional network. No matter how you choose to work with us, our Relationship Management enables you to enjoy valuable, customized advice in every aspect of your financial life.

Talbot Financial and LPL Financial do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor regarding your specific situation.