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Ask "What If?"

The Super Rich Stress Test Their Financial Plans - and So Should You

Stress testing your financial plan can be a very smart way to help make certain that the plan will deliver as promised. The fact is, financial plans that might look great on paper all too often prove to be much less impactful once they are implemented. It is not uncommon for there to be unintended consequences that can derail your agenda.

At heart, stress testing is when you ask, “What if..?” about a variety of areas of a financial plan you have or are considering.

Stress testing is a very powerful form of a second opinion. It has been our experience that many high-net-worth investors would value a second opinion on their finances.

Here’s why you should join them in that effort:

  • Testing the assumptions of a financial plan, product or service can help confirm it’s right for you—or identify any ways it could jeopardize your goals and put you at risk.
  • High-level stress testing involves a systematic process that examines goals, changing scenarios and costs to determine the right course of action.
  • Individuals and families don’t have to be outrageously wealthy to benefit from a financial stress test.
  • Stress tests will likely especially benefit business owners and their families, who generally have so much of their future financial security riding on one asset: their business.

What To Expect

We have a 5-Step process all our clients experience with us. Through our Stress Test, you can enjoy a portion of this experience at no cost.

We will meet with you for a Discovery Meeting. Assuming that we both agree that we have a basis for moving forward, you will return for the Comprehensive Analysis Meeting and the Investment Strategy Meeting.

One of three outcomes will happen from this process:

  • Hopefully, we can confirm you are on track to fulfill your values and achieve your goals with your current financial provider.
  • If needed, we will suggest ways in which we can help.
  • If we are not a good fit for your needs, we promise to point you in the direction of the right solutions

Either way, you will receive a Total Client Profile and a personalized analysis of your current situation.

The Objective of the stress testing process is to determine where you are, where you want to be and how to bridge the gaps


Contact us with the form below if you are curious about whether a financial product or service you have- or are considering- will work the way it is supposed to under various conditions. We can set up a discussion to determine if you might benefit from a stress test.

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